Quilter’s Creative Touch 4 Gold Card Fiasco for the Juki TL-2200 QVP Longarm Machine

Did Juki America Quietly Pull out of the Quilters Creative Touch Gold Card Access Program and Fail to Tell Their Customers?


Before we get into the meat of this post, I want to make it perfectly clear that when I tagged Grace Company and Juki America about Juki pulling out of the Gold Access Card program it was not and is not my intention to beat Grace up about a decision Juki may have made.  Marie, from Grace Company who responded to my question, did so with grace (no pun intended).  As typical Juki doesn’t seem to have boo to say about the situation.   I do have some problems with her response though, first off she did not answer the question and secondly it was not appropriate to turn off commenting.  Juki customers who had been promised these features or even purchased the card before the program was presumably discontinued should be free to discuss it and also hold Juki accountable in the social media sphere.  It is a fair question that the users of the Juki branded version of Quilters Creative Touch should be given a clear answer to by Juki America who was also tagged in the post but failed to make any response.  Though I for one am not going to hold my breath waiting because we all know by now Juki America refuses to inform their customers about anything ranging from design flaws to software upgrades.

My Question:

Can someone at Grace maybe Marie Nielson clarify a bit of unbelievable information I became aware of a few days ago. Is it true that after being the instigator of this whole gold card program that now the mighty Juki Home Sewing has pulled out of the program? Without so much as boo to their customers.

As the information came to me. It seems that their educators are saying it is worthless and there are workarounds. I find this laughable because are we just supposed to figure these out on our own and not have access to these features going forward after having access to them initially? Given Juki does not or has not provided any of this so-called workaround information to those of us who have so graciously given them $15k. As for me, I would rather have access to the card than to try to learn workarounds though some sort of divination.

And on a side note at what point might Juki actually tell their customers that the upgrade to 4 has been released or is that still a secret in which one might just stumble upon by accidentally hitting the upgrade button. I am just exasperated!

Marie Nieson’s Answer:

We understand the desire to have access to more features, functions, and simplified processes. We at Grace have been and are continually looking at ways to update and improve the customer’s experience with the QCT software. More functionality, simplified customer interactions, simplified processes, content, usability, and so much have changed over the years. This has been evident to users over the years as updates have been released.

The Gold Card process is one that we developed and brought to market with our software a couple of years ago. The Gold Card brings a new form of both sales and availability of features to the industry. Due to this, we are continually working to make it available in as many channels as possible.

We continue to discuss features, value, and the potential availability of items like the Gold Card Program with all of our partners. We are always seeking to better understand the user experience and how we might develop enhancements to improve it. We are very appreciative for all that is shared amongst existing users and look forward to adding to this.

, You Receive The Additional Functionality:

  • Access to special patterns only available to Card Access holders.
  • QCT Card Access newsletter for occasional promotions, discounts, and all the latest QCT news and deals.
  • Continued access to any and every new feature and any software upgrades and updates.

Did Juki Educators Purposefully Sabotage the Program and Why?

I have some thoughts on this.  As stated in my question as the story was told to me one educator, in particular, had a hand in putting the kibosh on the program.  Why would an educator for the Juki want to make the software as hard as possible to use?  Could it be that the idea was to funnel users into the costly training classes to unlock the secrets and workarounds to the missing functionality so that the educators who really do much of nothing other than these classes can justify their existence?   One can only to wonder?


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Quilter’s Creative Touch 4 Gold Card Fiasco for the Juki TL-2200 QVP Longarm Machine
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